About MediDoc

MediDoc is the specialist NHS division from PSL Print Management Ltd. Over recent years, more and more NHS Organisations have looked to outsource their internal letter production and postal services operations. There are major benefits to NHS Organisations doing this including but not limited to significant improvements to letter quality, elimination of expensive capital equipment such as franking machines and printers and reducing the laborious labour time spent by staff producing letters usually outside of their normal duties.

MediDoc has experienced year on year growth since its inception and now enjoys the trust and commitment of over 70 NHS Clients including NHS Acute Trust’s, Primary Care Trust’s, GP Surgeries and NHS Shared Service Agencies facilitating the production of a wide variety of patient communication including sexual health screening, Cytology Call & Recall, Medical Registrations, List Inflation and Acute trust daily appointment letters.

Through our commitment to building strong client relationships, comprehensive production management and quantifiable cost reduction for our clients, MediDoc has established itself as the market leader in letter and mailing production for the NHS Sector.