Primary Care Trust

Public Health screening programmes provide a valuable and essential service to the community. They can also place significant pressure on the resource of PCT’s that are required to print and postscreening invitation and awareness letters in house for many thousands of patients in “At Risk” groups. PSL Print’s MediDoc Service removes the strain of facilitating regular daily, monthly or yearly mailings. We can assist in campaign and letter production for various programmes including:

  • Chlamydia Screening
  • Cervical Screening
  • Flu Jab Awareness Campaigns
  • Breast Screening
  • Medical Registrations
  • MMR Uptake Programme
  • HPV Age Group Extension Campaigns
  • Various social marketing campaigns such as Obesity, Smoking Cessation and Healthy Living
  • Emergency Public Health Communications eg Flu Pandemic

The Solution

More and more Primary Care Trusts are outsourcing this work as a complete solution. In house mail production is a laborious, expensive and time-consuming function for already busy healthcare professionals. Ongoing costs relating to folding/inserting equipment, franking machines and consumables including printer cartridges are high and can be eradicated using PSL Print’s MediDoc Service. Our advanced postal sortation can mean savings of up to 30% off Royal Mail standard second class tariff.

MediDoc allows you to enhance the patient letter experience by adding increased font size for different programmes and placing text in bold to increase response uptake. Your letters are printed on high quality paper with, if you wish, your full colour trust logo and letter text as supplied by you. We are also able to include additional inserts or information leaflets as part of this service.

Data Security & Confidentiality

We understand your possible concerns with the way personal data is used – issues relating to the sensitive data passed to a third party and the accurate use of that data when printing and sending personalised information. All data is handled and processed in a secure environment that complies with ISO27001 and APACS standards.

Quality assurance standard ISO 9001 has also been attained as further assurance of our robust data handling standards. Data transmission is executed via an NHS Connecting For Health approved SFTP connection.

We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1984 and have notified the Data Protection Commission under the Data Protection Act 1998.

A tailored Service Level Agreement will be agreed with the PCT so that all parties work to the same standards and expectations. This will include for example, timescales for letter production, data destruction and audit reporting.

The Benefits

Cost Benefits:

By using PSL Print’s MediDoc Service, significant reductions in cost have been realised across many areas of the PCT’s and Acute Trusts using this service. Commodity purchases such as paper, envelopes, toner cartridges and inserts have been all but eliminated. Further reductions have been realised in capital purchases of printers, franking machines and folding/inserting equipment. Our ability to deliver advanced postal sortation can deliver a reduction of up to 30% off Royal Mail standard 2nd class tariff.

Patient Letter Benefits:

PSL Print management are highly experienced in developing and improving new and existing patient documents. Using a highly flexible document tool, PSL Print Management can assist you in improving your letter layout, necessary to give the patients the information they need. When you require a text change to a letter or information sheet, this can be done quickly and efficiently.

Staff Function Benefits:

The MediDoc service removes the day to day burden of in house mail production. and eradicates or significantly reduces labour within the following areas.

  • Storage of information booklets, paper and envelopes and restocking duties
  • Time spent enveloping the mail piece and picking of corresponding information sheets
  • Portering or department staff delivering mail to the post room for despatch by Royal Mail
  • Time standing over unreliable folding/inserting equipment to correct jamming during production
  • Time dealing with printer jams and toner removal
  • It leaves staff with more time to perform more rewarding functions and give more to frontline patient care