Our Services

Unique features of our service are: -

Zero Hardware/Software Solution

There is no hardware required for our service. This is an important security feature meaning that no “alien” equipment or software is attached or linked to your network.

NHS Mailcare

Data security and data governance has never been more scrutinised than it is today. The ability to guarantee that each letter has been produced, that there are no double insertions and that the file is 100% correct is of paramount importance to all NHS Organisations when outsourcing the production of patient communication. MediDoc Mailcare guarantees that each and every file and subsequent letters are 100% correct and accounted for before leaving for postal delivery

Bespoke Stationery and Outer Envelopes

Our solution is totally bespoke and unique meaning that you are able to have your own branded stationery including a branded outer envelope with your own return address so undeliverable mail is returned directly to the trust and not by third party companies such as us. This eliminates a further security risk and significantly enhances the image of the trust.

MediDoc Mail

Our MediDoc Mail service is flexible and bespoke to meet our client’s needs.

MediDoc provide Trusts with an integrated design, printing, personalisation and mailing outsourced service for all patient communications.

Our service enables the Trust to have your own branding on all materials and a bespoke return address, back to the Trust.

In compliance with NHS data security and Information Governance requirements, MediDoc have 2 NHS N3 data connections. 

MediDoc Express

Our MediDoc Express service is a web based hybrid mail system that allows individual users with access to the Internet, to produce their own communications. MediDoc Express is ideally suited to one off and ad hoc small volume mailings to patients.

For an onsite demonstration of MediDoc Express, simply contact us and we’ll arrange a convenient appointment with you.

All of the patient communications we manage on your behalf are produced on the latest high quality production equipment in secure surroundings. Our secure production centres are accredited for Data Security, Quality and their impact on the environment.